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Check the new icon

Much thanks to poisonwoodbao for the new icon!

1) Explain your interest, experience, background in Latin (or classic language):
I've been interested in Latin/Roman history for some time, but hadn't had the opportunity to take the language until this year. I love it!

2) When/how did you first get interested or involved in PHISH?
I've been a deadhead for a while, just got into phish in the last three years, more so in the last two.

3) ablative of separation or partitive ablative?

4) favorite lot beverage?
i need to conserve my braincells for latin!

5) favorite Latin vocabulary word?
Also great for everyday conversation
Friend: I lost your live phish CD
You: Sceleste/ignave puer! Necesse est te verberare!

6)suggest a show.
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