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here is a little something:

1) Explain your interest, experience, background in Latin (or classic language):
I took four years of latin in high school and have taken (and need to take to fulfill a requirement for graduation) a couple refresher courses in college. Translated/read selections from Cicero, Ovid's Metamorphosis, among other things.

2) When/how did you first get interested or involved in PHISH?
was exposed to them probably around 1991, but never gave them a real listen until 1996. then tried to go to shows in high school but parents never allowed me to go. finally got to a show in 2000. eh. now been to 9 shows.

3) ablative of separation or partitive ablative?

4) favorite lot beverage?
new castle. i think it's what the Romans would have chosen.

5) favorite Latin vocabulary word?
bonus -a -um
why? it's great. use it as slang. example:
Friend: Hey there. I just bought a ticket to Phish for you!
You: Bonus! -a -um!

6)suggest a show.
check out:
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Good format!
feel free to add questions......