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1) Explain your interest, experience, background in Latin (or classic language):
I started taking Latin in 7th grade, and finished last semester (of my junior year). Yep, four long, entertaining years.

2) When/how did you first get interested or involved in PHISH?
I was introduced to Phish as a child by my sister, listened to kids talk about it in middle school, and finally made the connection last year thanks to my Phish-crazy boyfriend. First show was 07.21.03 and I'm going to see them in Indy 6.23-24.04! Anyone gonna be there?

3) ablative of separation or partitive ablative?
Partitive, bitches.

4) favorite lot beverage?
Water. Simple and keep you hydrated while you're in the cloud of all that.. smoke and heat. =)

5) favorite Latin vocabulary word?
The nine billion words for the verb "to kill." Those Roman kids were violent.

That and appropiquabamus. I think that's what it was. It was the first Latin word longer than "puer" I saw first year. I about peed myself, but then thought I was quite hardcore after I figured it out. (Yes, I was dumb back then.. and now, as I think of it.. *ponder*)

6)suggest a show.
16 August 1998 or. yahnno. the amazing show I first went to: 07.21.03--twas one of the best of the entire summer.
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